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My name is Andrew MacVey. I started animating at age 12

in Truespace late one night or I should say very early

in the morning. A very good friend of mine on a program called

Active Worlds her screen name Lady Murasaki taught

me that night. I however got into computer graphics about a

year earlier and messed around in Blender and the Truespace

Demo. December 2000 I started to write my first script without

thinking about using CG. Now a year later I have a new script

and is completely dependent on CG. I have found many helpful

sites in this year,,, and My main goal is the get effects as good as Crew

of Two then ILM, later in my life I plan on working for ILM but

I have a while to go. I am now working on a StarWars fanfilm that will

be filmed completely in bluescreen, there will be a starbattle and much,

much more. I plan on having well over 50 completely CG shots and over 200

visual effects shots.