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Here's just a small update to keep your lips wet with this site. The new site design

which will be up at is well on its way of development. No, it's not flash

atleast not yet. I have released a tutorial on creating a large crowd using 3ds max, you

can find that tutorial here. As for future projects, a DvGarage related one is almost ready

for release, expect that pretty darn soon. I plan on making some Ep. III fan posters, podracer

type interface animations, and I am going to attempt some Roman/Gladiator type helmets. I'm

trying to build up my demo reel so expect a lot of new projects to pop up in the future.


I'm terribly sorry for no updates over the past few months. Thats

not saying nothing has been cookin here. I'm taking on a few projects

right now so look for some work in the up coming months. One hint is

keep your eye on . That'll have a lot of new surprises

and treats once it's released. Just to show you some of the work I've done check out

my Pumpkin Composite and my non completed short film The Atlantic Massacre.


I added 3 bluescreen composites to the gallery section.



Sorry, I havn't updated the site for a while, I've been busy, sorta and lazy.

Since my last update I have purchased 3DS Max 4.3 and I am learning that.

I have put The Apprentice's Test on HOLD but I have started a WWII short

hopefully it'll be done by Christmas and hopefully I'll get a trailer out sometime in

October. I added a WIP shot to the Gallery section




Past News


Welcome to WCM(WassUp Computer Magic Ltd.)We are a visual effects company in partner with MacVey Filming Ltd.

We do visual effects mostly for Film and related media. Some of our programs include Photoshop, After Effects and Electric Image.





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